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Sculpture: Cthulu Fetus in a Jar

Friday November 16, 2012

Scuplture - Cthulu Fetus in a Jar

My friend Thurston wanted to run a horror tabletop roleplaying campaign for his friends, and he needed props for it. He was buying some on Etsy, but there was something missing that I really wanted to try.

"Aliens in jars" are common sci-fi kitsch, but I wanted to take it a step farther with the horror aspect, and sculpt some more tentacles.

Update: I repoured the gel to get larger bubbles, and took a new picture! You can still see the old version in the "more views" photos.


C4 2012: A Post-Con Look

Wednesday November 14, 2012

C4 2012 Table Layout

Yet another C4 has come and gone, and I'm already busy again.

It was a year full of a lot of hard pre-preparation and gigantic crowds. I had two new fanart posters, eight retro girls, two matte paintings, a colouring book, and a ton of new stickers to add to the table this year. I also stepped up my game with a new tablecloth and skirt, bags to put purchased stickers and prints in, two new foam core backboards, and some unfortunate "removable" tape that apparently doesn't like holding anything thicker than tissue.


Colouring Book: Ohai

Wednesday November 14, 2012


My old Ohai sticker series was produced for my second-ever convention. These vector monsters are cuddly and cute, but still a lot of monstery fun. I always wanted to revisit them, but had no idea how.


Illustration: The Girls Series

Wednesday November 14, 2012

Illustration - Girls

I really wanted to do some retro vector illustrations for this year's C4. Everything there tends to be based around pre-existing properties or wildly out there ideas. In a sort of rebuttal, I wanted to make the standards everyone seems to throw a spin on these days: mermaids, princesses, space girls, things like that.


Stickers: More Additions to the Sticker Wall

Wednesday November 14, 2012

Stickers - Lots of Ideas

A lot of miscellaney came out of this year - rather than doing full series, I selected a few characters from a lot of different ones. Breaking Bad, Archer, Thor, Loki, and a dalek all managed to make their way to the sticker board.